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Process Engineer

Wasco, CA

Job Description Summary:

Position scope includes regularly scheduled and directed project work in one or all of the following areas:

  • All hands-on aspects of new process development projects implementation in the fermentation, recovery, granulation, formulation, and other production areas. Also will be working with pilot plant development engineer closely.
  • Employee must be familiar with unit operation equipments such as but not limited to evaporators, granulator, fermentors, spray dryer, centrifuges etc.
  • To promote safety throughout the plant, adhere to all company policies; follow all local, state, federal laws, and regulations in conducting the business will also be the core responsibility of this position.

    Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work on improving production capability by evaluating and optimizing each equipment to reduce manufacturing cost.

  • Following either oral or written direction safely operate process equipment in the production as well as in pilot plant. This will include, from time to time, the operation of the same type of equipment at the production scale.

  • Set up a comprehensive training program for existing employees and new employees.

  • Update production equipment SOPs, forms and other log sheet to reflect the real time records to support ISO program.

  • The collection and logging of all assigned data and process information for input into the department’s projects. This will include all assigned work in the pilot plant, department laboratories and the production plant.

  • Immediately report to the department manager, or their designee, all observations of safety and potential site policy or practices.

  • Do mass balance on different product lines to evaluate the waste, cause of waste and put recommendation to eliminate that waste.

  • Work on improving technology in production area to make work environment safer and easy.

  • This position does not have a set work schedule; work activities are determined by production needs. May also guide the activities of others to meet production needs.

Work Environment:

  • 60% production plant, 20% office, 10% lab and 10% pilot plant


  • Bachelor’s Degree in chemical engineering or Microbiology or any other related biological discipline; or an acceptable equivalent combination of directly related education, experience, and/or training.

    Knowledge of the following is essential:
  • Technical literature in the field of microbiology and chemical engineering etc.

  • Methods and techniques used in the preparation of biological products.

    Proficiency in the following areas is essential:
  • Able to assemble and prepare scientific data with clarity and accuracy.

  • Able to communicate effectively with others.

  • Able to maintain favorable public relations.

  • Able to work effectively as a cross-functional team.


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