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Becker Underwood Announces the Acquisition of Beneficial Nematode Products from Certis

Release Date : April 1, 2005

Becker Underwood Announces the Acquisition of Beneficial Nematode Products from Certis

Ames, Iowa (April 1, 2005) – Becker Underwood, Inc., a leading manufacturer of bio-agronomic and specialty chemical products, announces the acquisition of Certis U.S.A.’s beneficial nematode business. Products included in this transaction are BioVector 355™ and Millenium™.

“This is an exciting addition to our existing beneficial nematode product line. It greatly strengthens our position and illustrates our commitment to remain the largest producer of beneficial nematodes in the world,” states Dr Graeme Gowling, Becker Underwood’s Global Nematode Business Manager. The nematodes will be produced in Becker Underwood’s recently expanded state of the art fermentation facilities in Littlehampton, England.

Millenium Biological Insecticide is a naturally occurring insect parasitic nematode, Steinernema carpocapsae, that seeks out and controls a wide range of pests including flea larvae, cutworms, banana moth and weevils in turf, and ornamentals.

BioVector, an insecticidal nematode product, contains the beneficial Steinernema riobravis (= riobrave) nematode. When applied to the soil, S. riobravis penetrates and releases a lethal bacterium directly into the larvae of blue-green citrus root weevils and Diaprepes weevils.

These products join a portfolio of beneficial nematodes already produced by Becker Underwood including Nemasys®, (fungus gnats and western flower thrips), Nematac® C, (cranberry girdler), Nemasys L (vine weevil), Nemasys H (vine weevil), Nemasys® M (sciarid fly), Nematac® S, (mole cricket adults), Nemasys® T (leaf miner) and Nemaslug® (slugs).

“This transaction gives Certis great comfort to know that the technology will now be stewarded by Becker Underwood, a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of high quality naturally occurring nematodes,” says Timothy A. Damico, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Certis USA.

Founded in 1982 in Ames, Iowa, Becker Underwood, Inc. manufactures and markets a variety of specialty colorants and bio-agronomic products for turf management, agriculture, seed treatment, wood recycling, aquatics, vegetation management forestry, structural pest control and many other industries. Becker Underwood’s widely-recognized turf and ornamental products include Turf Mark®, Mulch Magic®, Green Lawnger®, Caribbean Blue, Admiral™, Lineman, Sprint®, Bio-Gain® WSP®, Rhizanova™, LakePak® WSP®, VigaRoot™ and Canteen™. To learn more about their products, visit


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