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With roots that trace back to the 1980’s and 1990’s, Certis Biologicals has long been the legacy leader of biopesticides and biological solutions for commercial agriculture and the home and garden markets. That leadership was cemented in 2001 when Thermo Trilogy was acquired by Mitsui & Co. one of the largest general trading companies in Japan.


Mitsui & Co. utilizes its unique business engineering capabilities to develop new business models aimed at solving challenges, generating new opportunities and improving existing business processes and portfolios to meet the market’s needs.


Bolstered by its new ownership and the power of the Mitsui & Co. brand, Certis Biologicals became the leader in innovation, manufacturing and marketing of bio-based solutions for both commercial agriculture and the home and garden markets. 


Due to our continued growth, we are announcing our transition to Certis Biologicals, a global manufacturer and distributor of biological products that will meet the needs of partners and growers throughout the world.  


In 2021, Certis Biologicals celebrates not only the anniversary of this milestone for us, but for the field of biologicals in general, which is experiencing a period of significant growth in markets both domestically and internationally.  


With the largest portfolio of solutions for the management of pests, diseases, weeds and resistance issue, Certis Biologicals has the solutions that growers of all types need today. A pioneering pipeline of innovation means we also have the solutions ready for the issues that growers will face tomorrow. Because we export and distribute those products in more than 50 countries around the world, Certis Biologicals can meet grower need quickly.



We are Certis Biologicals: Leading Biopesticides


Three Dots


Certis Biologicals traces its roots to the early leaders in the development of biological pesticides.  See how Certis Biologicals has been leading biopesticides for more than 30 years with significant achievements since 2001 and our partnership with Mitsui & Co.  

  • 1946

    State-of-the-art Wasco fermentation plant is constructed

    Early Days of Wasco 

  • 1960

    Bt production begins at Wasco facility. The facility would create Thuricide, the first Bt product registered for use in the US.

  • 1984

    With the development of Kleentek technology, sugar cane growers have a clean seed process that produces sugarcane free of systemic diseases that impact production. 

  • 1996

    The formation of Thermo Trilogy   

  • 1996

    The acquisition of neem technologies from W.R. Grace, who had previously held the first EPA registration for neem technology  

  • 1997

    Thermo Trilogy acquired baculovirus products from Biosys  

  • 1997

    The acquisition of Bt bioinsecticide products from Novartis  

    CAPCA article

    CAPCA Adviser BT technologies Piece by Mike Dimock

  • 2000

    Thermo Trilogy leadership helps form Biological Products Industry Alliance, the leading voice for biologicals

  • 2001

    The birth of Certis Biologicals after the acquisition of Thermo Trilogy by Mitsui & Co.  

    Crop Life Magazine



  • 2002

    The birth of  Certis Biologicals after the acquisition of Thermo Trilogy by Mitsui & Co.  

  • 2010

    Under an exclusive distribution agreement, Certis Biologicals partners with German-based Neudorff to expand its portfolio to include DES-X insecticidal soap concentrate, Cueva™ liquid copper fungicide concentrate, Seduce® insecticidal bait and Sluggo® slug and snail bait.

  • 2012

    Double Nickel and PFR-97 20% WDG granted registration for use in California agriculture  


    Double Nickel Interview with Scott Ockey

  • 2017

    Certis Biologicals product LifeGard™ WG, the first biological plant activator product in agriculture, is named 2017 Best New Biological Product at the Agrow Awards and received second place for the 2017 Bernard Blum Award for Biocontrol Product of the Year.  

    Agrow Awards

    Agrow Awards

  • 2017

    Certis Biologicals acquires Butte, Montana-based LAM International, including their state-of-the-art solid fermentation production facility that complements the Certis Biologicals liquid fermentation production facility in Wasco, California.

  • 2018

    Through a partnership with OmniLytics, Certis Biologicals introduced the first product utilizing bacteriophages into the agricultural industry, pioneering a new technology for the market to combat resistance issues and solve many pressing agricultural concerns.

    phage tech

    CAPCA Adviser Piece on phage technologies

  • 2018

    Construction and start-up completed on the new azadirachtin formulation and packaging facility located in Wasco, California. The state-of-the-art system allows Certis Biologicals to produce the highest quality biopesticides.  

  • 2018

    Kocide® 3000-O copper fungicide/bactericide receives approval by the U.S. EPA for use in the organic production of vegetables, small fruits, tree crops and vines.   

  • 2019

    Certis Biologicals introduces Homeplate®, an OMRI Listed®, non-selective, broad-spectrum, fatty acid, burndown herbicide that works as a foliar contact spray to control a wide variety of weeds.   


    Introducing Homeplate

  • 2020

    Certis Biologicals products are exported to and distributed in 50 countries across the globe.

  • 2020

    Visionary Certis President & CEO Jow-Lih Su, Ph.D. transitions from the leadership position he held for more than 20 years, and Amy O’Shea takes command of Certis Biologicals  

  • 2021

    Certis Biologicals celebrates a 20-year milestone as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co.

  • 2021

    Certis Biologicals is born with a broader focus to bring biological leadership and solutions to growers in countries across the globe

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Amy outstanding in her field

Amy O'Shea
CEO of Certis Biologicals

Because of You, We’re Becoming Certis Biologicals

In honor of our celebration of 20 years of growth, we are excited to announce our rebranding from Certis USA to Certis Biologicals, a global manufacturer and distributor of biological products that will meet the needs of partners and growers throughout the world. With your continued partnership and innovation, we’re proud to continue to provide superior biological solutions in commercial agriculture and the home and garden markets. 

Our promise to you is to continue to have a clear focus on developing biological solutions that add value to conventional practices with our simple, compatible, and efficient technical ingredients with our growers needs in mind. You’ll see a deeper focus on sustainability that will drive our internal, external and product research and development decisions. And as we continue to scale globally, we will expand our international portfolio with our high-quality production and multiple manufacturing facilities available to our growers around the world.

For you, that means continued support in the products that you know and love, along with the opportunity to join us as we scale – we wouldn’t be here without you, and we’re thankful for all that you do.

We are excited to proceed in this journey with you as we continue to spread our roots and grow. For more information, you can visit us at certisbio.com.

Best Wishes,

Amy O’Shea

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