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June 11, 2024

By The Certis Team

Take Control of Tar Spot with Convergence

Corn farmers, meet your new ally against the dreaded tar spot: Convergence™ from Certis Biologicals.  

Understanding the complexities of Phyllachora maydis, the fungus behind tar spot, has been challenging due to its unique feeding habits on chlorophyll, making it difficult to grow and study in the lab. However, we've cracked the code. 

Understanding Tar Spot and Convergence

Phyllachora maydis is a resilient pathogen, but we've harnessed the power of Fengycin, a lipopeptide produced by our proprietary strain BA-D747, to combat it. Here’s how Convergence™ works to protect your crops: 

  1. Fengycin Production:   Fengycin and other anti-fungal and anti-bacterial metabolites are present upon initial application, serving as the first line of defense.  Following applicaiton, Convergence™ germinates on the leaf’s surface and produces more Fengycin as needed. 
  1. Cell Membrane Attack: Fengycin targets and breaks down the cell membrane of tar spot, in addition to other fungal pathogens.  
  1. Glycerol Targeting: Upon entry, Fengycin attacks the glycerol storage vacuole within the pathogen, weakening it and causing glycerol release. 
  1. Cycle Amplification:This glycerol serves as a food source for Convergence, stimulating increased Fencycin production. With more Fencycin, Convergence can effectively target and attack additional fungal pathogens, equipping you with a field-proven solution to manage tar spot.    


Watch the Behind The Scenes in Action!

Check out the video below to see the innerworkings of Convergence™ explained. 


Click here to learn more about Convergence.  

Convergence is a trademark of Certis Biologicals. Always read and follow label directions. For a full list of protected crops and controlled diseases, visit the product page and refer to the product label: 



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