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Sugarcane Tissue Culture 

Solving for Disease Challenges Facing Sugarcane Crops With Natural Innovation  

For over 30 years, sugarcane growers in Louisiana, Florida, Texas and around the world have relied on our “clean seed” process to produce sugarcane free of systemic diseases that impact production. Kleentek features unique technology that prepares tissue culture for disease-free sugarcane growing stocks. Through cooperation with sugarcane breeding programs at Louisiana State University Agriculture Center, the American Sugarcane League and Agriculture Research Station in Florida and Louisiana, Kleentek processes and expands “in demand” cane varieties for use throughout the world.  

Additionally, our Kleentek technology produces energycane, which provides low sugar/high fiber sugarcane for biomass or cellulose production, as well as tissue culture expansion of Louisiana sweet potato varieties. Expanding virus-free plants in tissue culture helps provide quicker establishment of healthy seed plants for growers throughout the industry.

Here’s how it works.



Kleentek Greenhouse:

Selected varieties are housed in greenhouses, protecting them from infection caused by environmental pressure and insects. This foundation is then used as a donor for the production of virus-free clones.


Kleentek Tissue Culture Lab:

The Kleentek laboratory, located at Louisiana State University, produces as many as 100,000 plantlets per year. Bare-root plantlets can be shipped from our laboratory locally, across the USA and internationally.


Plantlet Increase Seed Farms:

Kleentek plantlets are increased vegetatively to meet the demands of growers. Seed farms are utilized to grow and assist in the distribution of Kleentek seed cane


Seed Cane Certification:

Kleentek’s program conforms to and surpasses all rules and guidelines necessary for seed certification in states that require such


Clean Seed Distribution:

Kleentek distributes seed cane in Florida and Louisiana by truck to farms across industries. Kleentek also ships bare-root plantlets by carrier services to sugar industries worldwide.


Louisiana is the only state that requires certification per Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry. Although no other states require certification, Kleentek uses the same stringent Louisiana guidelines in all material produced. 


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