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During hull-split, count on Certis Biologicals!

July 15, 2020

By John Wood, Certis Biologicals Regional Manager

We are right in the middle of hull-split applications right now, with everyone pushing hard for protection as we enter the final stretch of our amazing 2020 growing season. It really is a critical time to pull out all the punches and maximize your IPM program so you can focus on a successful harvest.

We’ve been talking a lot this year about how Certis Biologicals is here for our customers, and this time is no exception to that. We have the broadest portfolio of biopesticide solutions in the industry and we are here to help you put it to work for you during hull-split.

Some of our products can be the key you need to unlock the power of your IPM program during hull-split, including:

Seduce® If you see ants in your orchards still, you need to get to work controlling those pests right away. The potency and efficacy of Certis Biologicals' ant bait products is unparalleled. Seduce Insect Bait is effective for up to four weeks, so if you can get an application out right now, it can last well into harvest. Seduce has a 4-hour REI, is residue-exempt and is approved for use in organic production. If you use Seduce, make sure to have plenty of water, either from rainfall or irrigation to ensure its fullest control potential.  One shot of Seduce straight from the container may be enough right now to let you cross ants off your list for the rest of the season. 

Double Nickel® I always think that one of the best tools you can have in your IPM program is our broad-spectrum biofungicide, Double Nickel. We are seeing some disease pressure in orchards and that can be especially damaging right before harvest. The superior, potent formulation and multiple modes-of-action of Double Nickel means it can be doubly effective against foliar diseases even at low use-rates. And even better, you can tank-mix it with other fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides to make the most of your hull-split applications.

PFR-97® and BoteGHA® I’m hearing a lot about mites in some of our areas this during hull-split time. In PFR-97, Certis Biologicals has a great bio option for effective control of mites that is great at tank-mixing with other bio and even conventional products. PRF-97 penetrates, parasitizes and kills mites by causing death within as little as 24 hours of application. That’s some tough control to beat. With a 4-hour reentry interval, a zero-day pre-harvest interval, an OMRI Listing, and residue-exemption, it’s agile enough to fit seamlessly into even your latest hull-split spray. If you are seeing plant bugs or stinkbugs right now, remember that BoteGHA is also an effective rotational and tank-mix partner that can control those pests effectively, right up to harvest.

Like I said, our portfolio is the most comprehensive set of solutions in the market, which means there are hardly any issues you can experience in hull-split that we cannot provide a control for. And I am part of a truly awesome California sales team that can help guide you through this portfolio to find the solutions that can get you the most bang for your buck during hull split. You can reach out to us at or directly and we’ll get to work for you!

Because we are Certis Biologicals, and you can count on us!

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