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Let’s get blooming

March 4, 2020

By John Wood, Certis Biologicals Regional Manager, CA South Central Valley

Bloom has really roared in like a lion this year. Everyone out there is talking about how quickly bloom has started and how fast it’s progressing compared to past seasons. Nothing will keep you on your toes like agriculture, I guess.

I know that some of our growers out there are starting to spray and others are holding off; but, no matter where you stand on the spectrum - bloom spraying has assuredly been on your mind.

While you are working with your PCA to determine what is best to put in your tanks for your bloom fungicide sprays, I’d recommend that you consider adding one of Certis Biologicals' Bt biolarvicide products into your tank-mix. .

Bt’s are amongst the most proven, widely used and most successful of known biological pesticides. These products are highly targeted, so you won’t need to worry about their effect on beneficial species, but you can be sure they will deliver great control of lepidopteran pests you don’t want in your orchards.

Pests like Peach Twig Borer and leafrollers who may be hatching out need some early control measures, and I typically recommend our product Deliver® for just that control. It is formulated with a higher concentration of Cry1Ac proteins than the average Bt and because of that, it has the potency needed to control the toughest Lepidopteran pests.

One other tool that you need in your belt this bloom season is Seduce®. With temperatures warming up, conditions are ideal for you to start feeling pressure from earwigs and ants. Our spinosad-based bait product, Seduce®, is highly compressed easy-to-apply granules that can control for up to four weeks. Because spring weather can be unpredictable, it’s important to note that Seduce® can withstand rain and irrigation - so you can be flexible about when you apply it and not worry about the weather.

When you apply Seduce®,  be sure to spread the bait out on the soil around or near your trees.  SeduceÒ works best when the soil is moist so if it hasn’t rained recently, wet the ground a bit but make sure there’s not standing water around. You can reapply every 2 to 4 weeks.

I don’t think it’s ever too early to start talking about resistance. No matter what you are spraying this bloom season, now is the time to start putting anti-resistance strategies in place for all your orchards. Make sure that you and your PCA talk about this every time you plan. Staying diligent is the best way to fight resistance.

I’m excited to start another growing season sharing with you in this column. Remember that you can reach me anytime at I love to hear from you with questions or insights into your IPM practices.

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