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August 4, 2020

By John Wood, Certis Biologicals Regional Manager, CA South Central Valley

For the better part of a year, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the time when I could bring this news to you!

Certis Biologicals has received registration from CDPR for our amazing non-selective herbicide Homeplate®.

That’s right—Homeplate is finally available to help cure your pre-harvest floor burndown issues. Even better, registration is effective immediately so you can start integrating it into your pre-harvest programs to help you finish out the season with a win.

Homeplate has been in use throughout the rest of the country for more than a year and it has quickly become a critical tool for many growers in controlling weeds. Utilizing a blend of active ingredients including caprylic acid and capric acid, Homeplate® is fast-acting on plant leaves and shutting down photosynthesis. It is rainfast within three hours and achieves total elimination within 12 hours to 72 hours depending upon environmental conditions. Its non-systemic formulation has proven efficacy against broadleaf weeds and grasses, including black nightshade, Canada thistle, catchweed bedstraw, chickweed, common lamb’s quarter, foxtail, shepherd’s purse and wild Chamomile.

It has a significant benefit for those of us that are staring harvest in the eyes right now, Homeplate has an REI of 24-hours and a zero-day pre-harvest interval, which means less time for you to be locked out of your orchards waiting for your applications to work. 

For those among us who grow organic crops or who grow both organic and conventional, remember that Homeplate is OMRI-listed® and NOP-Compliant, so you can bet on its flexibility for use in all acres.

The California Certis team has been so excited about the opportunity to bring you another proven tool for your toolbox, and right now is the best time to integrate Homeplate seamlessly into your pre-harvest rotation. We all know that clean orchard floors during harvest can mean fewer headaches as you sweep and fewer pests eating at your nuts while they wait.

Our team knows that right now is the final crunch in your season and, with the harvest appearing bountiful this year, it’s even more important to keep those nuts and trees safe until the end. Remember that we are always here to help you find the bio-solution you need to solve your problems quickly and get you back focused on your harvest. 

If you are interested in learning more about Homeplate, want to know which products we have for one final miticide treatment or need to control ants quickly, give me a shout at or give your local Certis sales agent or distributor a call.

This series is part of a partnership with Tree Nut Farm Press. You can read the original here.

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