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The Future of Biologicals: Transforming Crop Protection in Agriculture

July 26, 2023

By Amy O’Shea, President and CEO

Agri-Pulse_2023_06_05-FG_FG34073As we embrace the future, the integration of biologicals will undoubtedly play a crucial role in achieving food security, environmental sustainability and the overall well-being of our planet. In a recent panel discussion, The Future of Biologicals, I had the opportunity to discuss what our rapidly evolving biologicals market may look like in the years to come.

Biologicals are poised to revolutionize crop protection and contribute to sustainable agricultural practices worldwide in several key ways:

  1. Biologicals may unlock solutions to problems we don’t know we have yet.

    The future of biologicals holds immense potential for transforming crop protection practices. Continued research and development efforts will further refine the efficacy, stability and cost-effectiveness of biopesticides. Advances in technology, such as gene editing and synthetic biology, have the potential to unlock new possibilities in creating tailor-made biological solutions for specific pest and disease challenges. 

    Additionally, the integration of biologicals with digital farming technologies will enhance precision agriculture approaches, enabling real-time monitoring, data-driven decision-making and optimized application strategies.
  2. Just like plants, biological products are evolving.

    Traditionally, biopesticides faced challenges such as efficacy, handling difficulties and high costs. However, recent years have witnessed significant advancements that have addressed these concerns. Improved formulations have increased the viability and efficacy of biologicals, allowing them to deliver consistent results upon application. Manufacturing processes have become more refined, leading to higher yields and enhanced stability of biological products.

    In addition to more effective formulations and manufacturing, the increase in the adoption of precision agriculture techniques has enabled targeted application, resulting in better outcomes and reduced application rates.

    These advancements have made biologicals an affordable and valuable component of growers' overall inputs, providing a positive return on investment.
  3. Biologicals are earning their place in the market, but not without the hard work it takes to shift perceptions and spread awareness.

    The remarkable progress in understanding the mechanisms and benefits of biopesticides has led to a positive shift in the perception of biologicals within the agricultural industry. As growers gain a deeper understanding of how biopesticides work and their potential to enhance integrated pest management (IPM) programs, biologicals have garnered recognition as an integral tool for sustainable crop protection. This increased awareness has created a positive spotlight on the biologicals sector and its ability to contribute to the advancement of global agriculture.
  4. Knowledge of biologicals is power.

    We understand the importance of collaboration and education within the agricultural community. In anticipation of the growing demand for biologicals, we have invested significantly in expanding sales and technical staff to better support growers and distribution channels. By fostering partnerships and providing education, we aim to empower growers with the knowledge and tools to incorporate biologicals effectively into their agronomic practices.

The future of biologicals is bright, driven by a collective effort from industry players, growers and the agricultural community as a whole. Certis Biologicals remains committed to supporting growers by developing innovative products and providing the necessary education and technical support.

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