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Our industry leading portfolio of biopesticide solutions includes more than 30 OMRI Listed® and/or NOP Compliant products, offering growers the most comprehensive set of solutions to solve the varying challenges that may arise on your organic farm. Our products have proven to be reliable in controlling some of the toughest pests, diseases and weeds that threaten your crop yieldss but are sustainable enough to not be harmful to beneficial species, water, soil and air.


OMRI Listed® and/or NOP Compliant products

Most of our products are residue-exempt, offering more broad marketing and export opportunities.

Short REI’s and minimum PHI’s allow flexibility growers need

  • With more than 30 products that are OMRI Listed® and/or NOP Compliant, Certis Biologicals offers the broadest portfolio of solutions for organic producers in the industry.
  • Our portfolio provides comprehensive solutions, controlling a wide range of pests, diseases and weeds that threaten your crop yields.
  • We manufacture several of our products right here in the United States, giving us control of the quality of those products throughout the production process.
  • As the leading manufacturer of biopesticides, some of the most reliable crop input manufacturing companies entrust us to bring their products into the market, including Bayer CropScience, Neudorff, Kaken and OmniLytics)
  • Certis Biologials focus on sustainability is unmatched, including a portfolio featuring complex modes of action that reduces the threat of resistance while not harming non-target organisms.
  • With short REI’s, minimum PHI’s, and a portfolio that’s vastly residue exempt, our products offer the flexibility that growers need to manage and market their crops successfully in today’s dynamic agricultural environment.
  • Certis Biologicals is a member of the Organic Trade Association, a leading advocate for organic production.
  • We employ more than 127 leaders in the industry throughout the United States and at our headquarters in Maryland, along with our manufacturing facilities. Our sales and marketing teams span the NAFTA region and have an average of 17 years of agriculture experience.
  • Our products are broadly integrated into IPM programs as a means to combat resistance.



The majority of our portfolio is OMRI Listed® and NOP Compliant. Click below to see all products that can fit into your rotation or IPM programs.



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