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Our portfolio of biopesticides provides comprehensive solutions for the tough-to-control pests, diseases and weeds that threaten your crop yields. Our products are broadly integrated into IPM programs as a means to manage resistance, reduce applications, increase flexibility, and enhance control of pests, diseases, and weeds. Our solutions have also proven to offer comparable performance to conventional chemistries in many of the over 6,000 field trials show the proven results that our products can yield, protecting your crops and your bottom lines.

Proven Performance

We have 6,000+ field trials that demonstrate how our products enhance protection and increase yields when used in a program or as a replacement to conventional chemistries.

Increase Flexibility

Most of our products offer a 4 hr REI, 0 day PHI, and are residue exempt, providing growers with the flexibility to manage and market their crops in today’s dynamic agricultural environment.

Resistance Management

Our products feature complex modes of action, which reduces the threat of resistance when used in an IPM program.


  • Our portfolio provides comprehensive solutions, controlling a wide range of pests, diseases and weeds that threaten your crop yields.
  • Our portfolio provides the flexibility that growers need for a comprehensive IPM program, including many that can be tank-mixed and rotated with conventional chemistries.
  • With short REI’s, minimum PHI’s, and a portfolio that’s vastly residue exempt, our products offer the flexibility that growers need to manage and market their crops successfully in today’s dynamic agricultural environment.
  • Our products can help combat resistance when used as part of a regular IPM program.
  • We manufacture several of our products right here in the United States, giving us control of the quality of those products from beginning to end.
  • As the leading manufacturer of biopesticides, some of the most reliable crop input manufacturing companies entrust us to bring their products into the market, including Bayer CropScience, Neudorff, Kaken, and OmniLytics).
  • Growers around the world depend on and trust the performance of our products as we export to over 40 countries outside of the US.



  • USDA Agricultural Marketing Service -- Growers can use the USDA AMS to check commodity price reports and utilize federal agricultural marketing data.
  • Biological Products Industry Alliance – BPIA promotes the responsible development of safe and effective biological products through education, outreach and advocacy activities at the state, federal, and international levels.
  • UC Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program – UC-IPM draws on expertise of University of California scientists to develop and distribute UC's best information on managing pests using safe and effective techniques and strategies that protect people and the environment.
  • Environmental Protection Agency – Utilize EPA’s resources and guidance to combat resistance issues.
  • Insecticide Resistance Action Committee - The Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) was formed in 1984 and works as a specialist technical group of the industry association CropLife, providing a coordinated industry response to prevent or delay the development of resistance in insect and mite pests.
  • Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education - The Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program is a decentralized competitive grants and education program operating in every state and island protectorate.