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Certis USA Gains OMRI-Approval for OSO® 5%SC Fungicide

Release Date : March 18, 2020

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Columbia, MD, March 18, 2020– Growers who have long heralded the broad usability and proven results of Certis USA’s polyoxin D zinc salt fungicide OSO®  with use in conventional agricultural production can now rely on the biopesticide for use on all organic acreage, thanks to its recent listing by the Organic Materials Review Board (OMRI).


OSO® received its OMRI-Listed® seal on March 4, 2020 after completing the requirements the board sets forth for certified organic production. 

“We are proud to add OSO® to our broad portfolio of OMRI-Listed® solutions for organic producers,” says Mike Allan, Certis USA’s Vice-President, North America. “Many members of the agriculture industry, from growers and researchers to association leaders, joined us in calling for OSO®’s OMRI listing as a necessary and proven tool to their list of input options.

“Our supply partner, Kaken Pharmaceutical in Japan, was especially invaluable to the process of gaining this significant OMRI listing. We thank all whose efforts have contributed significantly to realizing OSO® now for use in organic production,” he says.

Introduced by Certis USA in 2012, OSO®, a broad-spectrum fungicide with proven efficacy in controlling tough diseases such as powdery mildew, Alternaria leaf blight, early blight and Botrytis, was granted compliance with the National Organic Program (NOP) in December 2019.

Currently approved for use in all states on a variety of crops, including pome and stone fruits, grapes, berries, potatoes, cucurbits and citrus, OSO® has a pre-harvest interval of zero days, meaning it can be applied up to and including the day of harvest.  

Certis USA leads the industry in providing solutions for certified organic and conventional crop producers. With more than 30 OMRI-Listed® or NOP-Compliant products in their portfolio, the company offers the most comprehensive set of solutions available for organic production.

Growers who are interested in integrating OSO® into their treatment schedules for 2020 are encouraged to contact their Certis sales representative. Growers new to the Certis portfolio of brands should visit to inquire about OSO® and other biopesticide treatment options.


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