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Introducing Rare Organic Pest Management Tool: Final-San™-O Herbicide

Release Date : April 4, 2011

Certis USA Introduces a Rare Organic Pest Management Tool: A Herbicide—Final-San™-O

Most commercial organic growers will tell you their greatest need and toughest-to-find tool is a herbicide. With the introduction of Final-San™-O herbicidal concentrate, Certis USA fills the gap with a broad-spectrum weed control product that is NOP (National Organic Production) approved. While Final-San-O can also be used to treat broadleaf and grass weeds on conventionally grown acres, the product will be a boon to organic growers who have had to abandon crops to weeds or resort to expensive hand hoeing.

A fast-acting burndown material that kills weeds within 24 hours, Final-San-O controls lambsquarters, mustards, redroot pigweed, shepherd’s purse, annual bluegrass and crabgrass. Its active ingredient is an ammoniated soap of fatty acids, derived from natural oil sources. When applied to weeds, Final-San-O penetrates the plant cuticle, destroys the membrane functions of the epidermal cells, and quickly damages tissues deep within the plant even under cool temperatures.

The introduction of Final-San-O to the U.S. agricultural market was announced by Tim Damico, Executive V.P. NAFTA for Certis USA. Damico said the product is manufactured by Germany-based W. Neudorff GmbH KG. Certis USA also serves as the primary distributor of other biorational products from Neudorff: DES-X™ insecticidal soap concentrate, Cueva™ liquid copper fungicide concentrate, Seduce™ spinosad insecticidal bait and soon-to-be introduced Bug‑N‑Sluggo™ bait.

Damico said, “Certis USA represents the most extensive biopesticide product line in the country, and that’s important. Lack of access to effective registered pest management products is one of the most limiting factors to optimizing sustainable and organic crop production. Since there is no known resistance to this mode-of-action (MOA), Final-San-O can also benefit conventional growers as an aid in combating glyphosate-resistant weeds.“


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