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Certis USA Introduces Neemazad® 1% EC Insect Growth Regulator

Release Date : May 26, 2009

Certis USA Introduces Neemazad® 1% EC Insect Growth Regulator

With the introduction of Neemazad® 1% EC insect growth regulator (IGR), the biopesticide company Certis USA gives specialty crop growers yet another option and choice for using neem-based biopesticides. Neemazad, with a dilute active ingredient of 1% azadirachtin, joins the other Certis USA azadirachtin products: Meen .09% (home and garden market), Azatin® 3% and Neemix® 4.5%. Neemazad was developed with a proprietary blend of surfactants to enhance coverage and penetration for those commercial growers who prefer a dilute mixture to spray on a volume-to-volume basis. Neemazad 1% is registered for use to control whiteflies, aphids, thrips and psyllids on a wide array of vegetable and tree crops, including tomatoes, peppers, leafy vegetables, onions and pears.

Azadirachtin is a botanically derived extract of the neem tree, which is native to Asia and Africa. The neem tree protects itself from damaging insects by producing a liminoid compound (azadirachtin). Certis USA pioneered the production process and carrier technology needed to transfer the ingredient into an effective insecticide that is also easy-to-use by growers. Azadirachtin controls target pests by interfering with their ability to molt, thus interrupting and ending the pests’ life cycles.

Certis USA also formulates clarified hydrophobic extracts of neem oil for its popular fungicide/miticide product, Trilogy®. Trilogy works both as a protectant and curative to prevent infection of plant tissues by diseases, such as powdery mildew, downy mildew, rust and anthracnose, and by killing fungi and certain mites on contact.

For more information about Neemazad 1% or any of the Certis USA neem-based products, call 800-250-5024.


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