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PFR-97™ Bioinsecticide Begins Commercial Use in California Agriculture

Release Date : October 2, 2012

PFR-97™ Bioinsecticide Begins Commercial Use in California Agriculture

COLUMBIA, MD — October 2, 2012 —As conditions warm in California’s crop acres, mites are flaring. That makes the timing right for PFR-97TM bioinsecticide as it enters commercial use in California this month.

Dave Silva, Product Manager for Certis USA, the manufacturer of PFR-97, has been traveling the state, helping with the product rollout.

“A lot of PFR-97 is going out on table and wine grapes in the Central Valley and coastal regions to control mites right now. We’re seeing excellent control knockdown,” Silva said. “The material offers some benefits not usually available in a miticide. For example, it controls multiple stages of the pest, so it’s effective and offers control over each life cycle of the pest. Current miticides have long pre-harvest intervals. PFR-97 doesn’t. Growers can apply it the night before and harvest the next day.”

Silva said PFR-97 is also labeled to control aphids, whiteflies, thrips and psyllids. “Right now we have growers in the Imperial Valley using PFR-97 to control whitefly on vegetables and cucurbits,” Silva said. “On vegetables along the coast and in Oxnard, it’s being used to control Western flower thrips. In strawberries, like grapes, we’re treating for mites.”

Next year Silva anticipates wide use of PFR-97 for mite control on almonds, a crop where effective materials are needed. PFR-97 is a microbial insecticide originally developed by scientists at the University of Florida. While Silva says sales of PFR-97 are expected to do well in other growing regions of the U.S., California’s mix of pests and crops make PFR-97 an excellent fit for growers of conventional or organic crops.


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