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CYD-X® Codling Moth Virus Available in Ample Quantities in 2005

Release Date : April 13, 2005

CYD-X® Codling Moth Virus Available in Ample Quantities in 2005

“Supplies of CYD-X insecticidal virus are “ample” this year and should meet the needs of apple and pear growers who use the biological for control of codling moth, announced CYD-X manufacturer Certis USA. The availability of insecticidal viruses has become critical in the last two years as more producers have used the products to forestall resistance to traditional chemistries. Once viewed as organic-only pesticides, insecticidal virus users are estimated to be 70 percent conventional growers and 30 percent organic producers.

CYD-X contains a naturally occurring virus (Cydia pomonella granulovirus or CpGV) that infects and kills larvae of the codling moth. CpGV is extremely virulent to codling moth making it effective at low use rates. Studies show larvae need only ingest one or two viral protein occlusion bodies (OBs) to cause a lethal infection. A single ounce of CYD-X contains nearly one trillion OBs. CpGV is also highly specific to codling moth, so it is noninfectious to beneficial insects, fish, wildlife, livestock or humans.

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