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November 18, 2020

By John Wood, Certis Biologicals Regional Manager, CA South Central Valley

It seems like quite a long time ago that I was sharing the news of a new label expansion that would open up yet another Certis Biologicals product for tree nut growers in California. Even though we first announced this new solution only back in April 2020, so much has happened since then. We’ve gotten through a tumultuous growing season both in the orchards but also in our lives and our culture too.

ManKocide® has now been available for tree nut growers for about half a year and I’m sharing a reminder because now is the perfect time to deploy its amazing power in your orchards.

We all know about the benefits of copper fungicide applications during dormancy. I talked about it in length last month. Certis Biologicals' Kocide® family of products are the most proven, trusted and reliable copper fungicide products on the market and they are a great tool for you to use during dormancy.

What if I told you, though, that ManKocide packs the power of Kocide and the efficacy of mancozeb into one easy pre-mix? Mancozeb is an active ingredient that many of you have been mixing with copper already for a long time in a copper hydroxide fungicide-bactericide. ManKocide’s formulation includes precisely the right amount of both active ingredients to maximize their efficacy in the control of walnut blight, bacteria canker, bacterial blast, Alternaria, powdery mildew and blights.

During dormancy, ManKocide can be just the product you need to help protect your trees going into the winter's harsh temperatures. If you experienced any tree damage during the growing season, an application of ManKocide might be just the protective barrier your trees need during the winter.

There is a lot to love about ManKocide, but I think the thing I like the most about it is its ease of use. The dry formulation handles and pours like a liquid, making it easy to measure, mix and spray. ManKocide offers flexibility and can be tank-mixed with a number of fungicides, insecticides and foliar fertilizers and it can be applied by air, ground and chemigation.

One other thing about ManKocide that makes it pretty easy to love is its dual mode of action, which maximizes disease protection while minimizing the potential for resistance. That’s critical when we are seeing some copper-resistance issues cropping up. 

ManKocide Trial Chart

If you are interested in learning more about how ManKocide can help boost the power of your dormant sprays, visit the Certis Biologicals website, email me at, get in touch with a Certis California team member or talk with your local distributor of Certis products. 

Remember, even during dormancy, the most crucial thing you can do is help protect your trees. Make the most of that with an application of ManKocide!

This series is part of a partnership with Tree Nut Farm Press. You can read the original here.

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