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Protection that’s more powerful, pound for pound

October 6, 2021

By Taylor Aguilera, Certis Biologicals Regional Manager Northern California

One of the things I love most about permanent tree plantings and trees as food producers is the relationship that you can build with them over time. These are not the annual crops that spring up, bear fruit or vegetables and then get destroyed when the year is over. Permanent trees can be with a grower for decades, which means that taking care of them year after year requires a special kind of diligence and determination.

When your trees are dormant, disease and pest pressure may be lighter, but proper protection measures certainly still need to be a priority.

Just like with our nematicide,  MeloCon® WG, which has two distinct times when applications are most effective, our Kocide® copper line of products bring the most value during two timely applications during dormancy. The first is just before the fall rains hit. I’m sure we can all agree that after this drought-ridden summer the thought of fall rains is much needed. I know that I am looking forward to them and I know many of you are too.  But, before they come, you need to seriously consider an application of either Kocide® 2000-OKocide® 3000-O or ManKocide®.

I like to think of Kocide as an extra layer of protection for your trees during dormancy. If you experienced disease damage this year, a Kocide application can help keep those issues at bay for the next growing season. If you think the weather may be especially harsh this winter, Kocide can help protect from diseases that thrive in those conditions. If you see evidence of diseases like Bacterial Blast or Bacterial Canker lingering in your orchards, one shot of Kocide can be all you need to provide control the following season. 

And lastly, if your trees had a hard growing season and suffered some damage, Kocide can give them the protection they need to survive the winter.

It may be tough to believe, but Kocide really is that good.

The Kocide brand has been trusted by growers for more than half a century as the most proven and reliable copper fungicide product on the market. They are the industry standard for a reason.

Pound for pound, the Certis Biologicals family of Kocide products have more disease-fighting copper than many other products available. Featuring BioActive™ technology, Kocide is a copper hydroxide fungicide/bactericide. As the hydroxide ions break down, fungistatic levels of elemental copper are released over a long period, preventing spore germination and fungal growth. Kocide has optimum dispersion in water and superior rain fastness.

Growers tell me that they love the ease of use and the excellent formulations, making applications painless. It has a 48-hour REI, is OMRI Listed®, residue-exempt and flexible enough to be used in both conventional and organic production. It can also be tank mixed, so you aren’t making multiple applications.

Remember when I said that you could get maximum efficacy out of two timely Kocide applications? Well, timing is key. The first one should be happening soon, before the fall rains begin. The second should come in late dormancy, usually late January or February. These one-two applications will reduce inoculum and protect against Bacterial Blast, Bacterial Canker and Coryneum Blight (Shot Hole).

You can trust the proven efficacy of Kocide as the best shot you have for protection during dormancy, and you can always count on me and the rest of the Certis team to be here when you need us.

I’m always happy to talk more about Kocide, so if you are interested in how you can harness its power for yourself, please reach out at Or if we can help you with any other issues during dormancy, we are just a quick email or phone call away.

This series is part of a partnership with Tree Nut Farm Press. You can read the original here.

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