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Certis USA Introduces AgriPhage™ Citrus Canker to Answer Florida Need

Release Date : July 16, 2019

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COLUMBIA, MD., July 16, 2019 Certis USA, the leader in biopesticides, today announced new citrus canker fighting technology to combat bacterial diseases and antibiotic resistance in citrus. AgriPhage™ Citrus Canker is the only citrus canker product to use bacteriophages, also known as “bacteria eaters”.

Proven effective at controlling bacterial canker on tomatoes, fire blight on pome fruit, as well as for control of tomato and pepper speck and spot diseases, AgriPhage™ products harness the power of bacteriophages, as naturally occurring organisms that infect and kill only the targeted bacteria.

AgriPhage™ Citrus Canker joins Certis USA’s line of AgriPhage™ products, including AgriPhage™ Bactericide, AgriPhage™ CMM and AgriPhage™ Fire Blight. Combined, the slate of products addresses several key needs for U.S. fruit and vegetable growers, including the widespread issues of fire blight resistance for pome fruit growers.

“Bacteriophages are an exciting new technology that growers can incorporate into their control programs to address many critical issues and we are pleased to be working hand-in-hand with manufacturer OmniLytics to introduce these innovative new solutions into the marketplace,” says Mike Allan, Certis USA Vice-President, North America. “Citrus canker, fire blight and tomato canker are significant threats to crop health and yields and AgriPhage™ products are another way for growers to effectively respond.”

“We believe that AgriPhage™ Citrus Canker, when integrated with an effective copper fungicide product, such as Kocide® 2000-O, will be the answer that many growers are looking for to control citrus canker,” Allan says.

Growers can apply AgriPhage™ Citrus Canker either as a preventative to protect growing leaf tissue or when conditions are conducive to heavy disease pressure or as a curative when disease symptoms are first visible. Approved for use in organic production, AgriPhage™ Citrus Canker can be applied up to and including the day of harvest with weekly applications as needed. Applied with conventional equipment as a foliar application, it can also be tank-mixed with several commonly used fungicides, liquid fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides.

Growers who are interested in integrating AgriPhage™ Citrus Canker into their treatment schedules for 2019-2020 are encouraged to reach out to their Certis USA sales representative. Growers new to the Certis USA family of brands should visit to inquire about AgriPhage™ Citrus Canker and other biopesticide treatment options.


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