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Biopesticides harness the power of nature to effectively protect plants from pests, diseases, and control weeds. Derived from other plants, bacteria, and key minerals, biopesticides can be used to attract and kill pests that threaten crops, bacteria and fungi that can destroy yields and weeds that can weaken the growing power in fields and orchards. Certis Biologicals' portfolio of biopesticide products leads the way in using this unique technology to provide solutions for the problems that affect commercial agriculture.

Biopesticides that are available for use in agriculture:



Plant Growth Regulators

Insect Growth Regulators




Leading Biopesticides

With a proven, broad portfolio of crop protection solutions for organic and conventional production, Certis Biologicals has the answers growers need in today’s dynamic agricultural environment. A leader in commercializing new product innovations in bio-control to solve tomorrow’s agricultural issues.


manufacturing and technology

Certis owns and operates three state-of-the-art production facilities, two of which are based in the United States for fermentation and a facility in India for plant extraction of neem-based products.

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The Biopesticide Advantage

Pest Control Advisors, crop consultants, agronomists and growers trust biopesticides to offer the following benefits to their overall Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs:

  • Broad-spectrum of pest and disease control alternatives
  • Not harmful to non-target organisms
  • Complex modes of action that reduce the threat of resistance when used in IPM programs
  • The flexibility of using in conventional and organic production. Many are OMRI Listed® and approved for use in organic agricultural production
  • Effective control of pests in many instances offering performance comparable to or better than conventional chemistries, resulting in healthier crops and better yields
  • Improved export and marketing opportunities for resident-exempt biopesticides
  • Short REIs and PHIs, which improves  worker safety and offers more flexibility in grower operations and decision making
  • Approved for most uses in sensitive areas where the use of conventional chemistries are restricted and/or prohibited


Ready for use on every acre

More biopesticides are applied to conventionally grown acres than are applied to organic acres. But, the use of biopesticides has allowed growers of certified organically grown crops to increase acreage and crop offerings to meet the increasingly high demand for organic food.

Biopesticides have found success and broad acceptance in the specialty agriculture, high-value crops of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and vines. The broad portfolio offered by Certis Biologicals has a product that meets nearly every need for both conventional and organic agriculture.

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